Simplify Your Lesson Planning And Save Time With Flat-Packed Curriculum For Teachers

31st March 2023
With its ability to minimize stress and maximize classroom effectiveness, a flat-packed curriculum is quickly becoming an essential strategy in many schools’ repertoires. Explore our informative guide to know more about this topic. ...

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Why Teachers Quit And Where Are They Going? 5 Ways To Support Them

20th March 2023
There can be millions of reasons why teachers quit and the reasons for leaving may vary from person to person. Whatever the reason may be, it is crucial to acknowledge the challenges that teachers face and provide them with resources to make informed decisions about their future careers. Read on to understand why teachers leave and how you can retain them. ...

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Empowering India With Quality Education: An Overview Of Educational Schemes For Schools

3rd March 2023
India is one such country that stands out with its unique set of initiatives geared towards improving levels of educational attainment and satisfaction among children, adolescents, and young adults. In this blog article, we will explore the different government-led educational schemes available in India for students who attend schools. ...

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Unlocking The Potential Of Every Young Learner With The Project Method

24th February 2023
The Project Method of teaching provides effective curriculum content and technique for teachers to engage their students in creative learning experiences that develop essential skills, such as problem-solving and collaboration. Read further to know more in detail. ...

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Classroom Discussions: 6 Ways To Foster Quality Classroom Conversations

27th January 2023
As an instructor initiating a productive and lively discussion is one of the most challenging parts of daily learning. To encourage quality classroom discussions teachers often undergo counseling coursesfor teachers to learn various strategies and techniques. But, if nothing is working out for you, take a look at 6 ways to integrate fun in the classroom. ...

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Design Student's Enquiry: Teach Claim, Evidence, And Reasoning Like A Pro

13th January 2023
STEM educators often use the CER approach to give students as much variety and practice as possible. They chunk the process by section and wait to introduce the next section unless the students are confident. If you want to introduce the CER model to your students keep reading on. ...

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