Recess Ideas For The Special Needs Children

17th February 2022
Recess time for special needs learners can be curated effortlessly when the educator keeps a few simple recess activities handy in the list. Recess time can be both fun as well as educational for children with special needs where they can enhance their skills, especially their social skills such as communication, cooperation, boundaries, and patience. ...

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5 Awesome Ways To Take Learning Outside

2nd February 2022
Learning outdoor can be a great opportunity for children to enjoy the learning process. Natural elements and objects can easily be embedded in the learning materials to elevate their learning as well as skill development. Nature can also be inspirational for children they can hold on to as lifelong memories. ...

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Montessori Approach And Misconceptions Related To It

19th January 2022
Dr. Maria Montessori invented Montessori education where kids are being taught problem-solving methods to make them independent. Besides, a Montessori environment encourages kids to concentrate on problems and think deeply to come out with accurate solutions. But, there are certain misconceptions about Montessori at home and in this blog, we shall be discussing those misconceptions. ...

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Learning Difficulty – Ways To Keep Students Motivated

17th December 2021
Learners with special needs, especially students with learning challenges need to be constantly motivated throughout. Teachers can guide them to build their skills with sensory breaks, through movement, and by helping them improve their focus. These strategies can be implemented depending upon the need of the classroom. ...

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SEL Program Is A Vital One-Time Investment

10th December 2021
Keeping a continuous improvement mindset is really important. You won’t be able to build in all the implementation supports as you wish for initially, but by continuously keeping an eye on what is working and where change is needed using multiple statistics, you will be able to implement powerful changes over time. ...

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Teaching Life Skills With Montessori Practical Life Curriculum

10th November 2021
Learning life skills has always been an essential part of young learners’ life. Montessori Practical Life Curriculum precisely focuses on the core areas of learning how to be independent and be in sync with the surrounding. Teaching about the fundamental skills can allow children to believe in themselves and develop a sense of self-discipline. ...

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