Reviving Classroom Engagement: 5 Effective Strategies To Re-energize Students The Classroom

26th September 2023
Every school leader and educator like to see every student fully engaged in the classroom and perform well in their academics. However, it’s easier said than done and most of the time students are disconnected from the classroom. Explore our informative guide to learn some effective tips to re-energize all the students back in their classroom by making an engaging learning environment for all.   ...

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5 Tips to Write Amazing IEP Goals and Decipher Data Like a Boss

12th September 2023
Have you ever gotten a new IEP goal and wondered how on earth would you be able to track that? Well, you are not alone. As a special education teacher, it is quite normal to feel lost while collecting progress data on a particular goal. You might write really good IEP goals but struggle to keep track of your student's progress in detail. If this feels like you, read on to know how to overcome such challenges. ...

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Curriculum Developer: Crafting Educational Pathways For Tomorrow's Learners

1st August 2023
A curriculum developer plays a very essential role in the success of a learning process. Thus, a curriculum developer needs to understand the learners’ needs and figure out the most effective teaching methods. If you are willing to build and develop a curriculum but are unsure of where to begin, we bring you some of the best tips and strategies. ...

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Boost Your Teaching Career: The Top 5 Countries To Work For Indian TEFL Teachers

20th July 2023
Every TEFL teacher wants to have a successful career and at the same time to enjoy their life abroad. We have selected the top 5 TEFL teaching destinations which we feel is the best options to have both professional and personal development. Explore our informative guide, to gain more insights.  ...

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5 Effective Strategies To Ace Your Teacher Evaluation: Helpful Guide

26th June 2023
Almost every school conduct teachers’ evaluation to bring the best out of every teacher. However, many teachers feel nervous to face this teacher’s evaluation. However, preparing for your teacher evaluation is the best way to deal with it. Read further, to know some effective strategies which will help you to ace your teaching evaluation.  ...

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Is Perfectionism The Right Choice For Every Teacher?

13th June 2023
Teaching itself is a noble profession that carries the weight of preparing students for a brighter future. However, because of the tough competition in the teaching profession, which makes every teacher competitive and they strive for perfection. However, instead of achieving positive results, it has more negative effects. Explore our guide to know why avoiding perfectionism is a good idea for every teacher. ...

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