Making The Most Of What You Have: A Guide To Resourceful Investments In Special Education

18th March 2024

Schools have to look after many aspects to be on the right track of growth and special education is one of the important parts that requires more attention and investment.

According to, special education is relatively costly compared to general education.

Special Education

Managing to budget and spending wisely is essential for every school but it can be a challenging task.

If you are also facing this dilemma of how you can improve special education schools with a limited budget to get the maximum return of investment, then we got you covered.

In this blog post, we will be exploring three strategies through which you can significantly improve special education in your school with limited funds to get the maximum return.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Strategy 1: Invest in Professional Development

We agree that teaching is a demanding job and teachers can barely make time for any other activity. However, if you want to support special needs students better in every aspect of their life then we would suggest you invest in your professional development.

According to many research, it has been found that when teacher’s feel confident in their teaching abilities and positively impact the classroom also known as self-efficacy, then student outcome also improves.

Below we have shared which two areas of teaching you should consider to opting for professional development:

How To Design Instruction?

This training will help every teacher to focus on designing instruction according to the diverse needs of students, especially special needs students. It helps to understand the diverse learning needs of special needs students and plan instruction accordingly which is easier to understand.

Understand Different Behaviour

This training will help teachers to understand why certain students behave in a different way i.e., disruptive or angry behaviour. Then, it will help you to intervene at the right time and create a disciplined classroom environment and also give teachers to teach without any disturbance.

Learn how courses like special education course can help you in professional development here:

Strategy 2: Conduct an Audit to Prioritize Interventions and Spending Wisely

You cannot fix everything related to special education in schools all at once. However, you can take a step at a single time and you can do that by auditing to figure out which area has scope for improvement.

By conducting an audit will help you to collect data and help you to know what pressing challenges there are and according to that, you can make intervention strategies to improve the quality of special education slowly and steadily.

You can see a sample of the evaluation report of special education here:

Strategy 3: Hire Professional Coaches

To ensure the growth of the school, an effective leader is very crucial, especially while serving diverse learners. Not every school leader and teacher know how important it is to create an inclusive environment throughout the school to improve the special education in school.

However, by hiring professional coaches, you will get guidance from them to know effective practices like- running assessments, intervention cycles, and improvement in IEP compliance. Hiring coaches will not just help school leaders but also help teachers to know effective intervention strategies and create an inclusive environment for their special needs students which will with time pay handsome dividends towards school growth and success in special education.

Final Thoughts

If your school has a tight budget and as a teacher, you are financially and time-constrained then consider using the above-mentioned three strategies to improve the quality of special education significantly to meet the diverse needs of your special needs students.

You can also consider pursuing courses like the International Teaching Diploma in Bangalore, where you will get guidance from a top expert trainer who will help you to learn different strategies to meet the diverse needs of students in your classroom and also help you to become an effective teacher.

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Written By : Abhishek

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