Learning Difficulty – Ways To Keep Students Motivated

17th December 2021

Keeping children motivated can be a challenge for any student. And when it comes to dealing with a student with learning disabilities, it gets even harder to track their emotions and keep them engaged in the learning process. The strategies to deal with special needs children in order to accomplish the learning goals need to come from a place of strategic approaches.

Meaning the learning focus should be balanced out with learners' needs and learning objectives. The more these students encounter interesting situations they feel motivated towards improving their skills and doing the work the teacher wants them to do. Both intrinsic, as well as external motivation, should also need to be in mind while planning lessons for them.

Ways to keep students with learning challenges motivated –

Let Them Choose Their Own Activity

Students with learning challenges find it hard to connect when classroom activities feel like a have to the situation. To ensure they are engaged you can give them a few options where they can make their own choices of which activity they want to do.

This does not mean all the time they will be given the option to make their own choices. The trick to knowing when to apply this strategy is to realize when children are feeling the disconnection. Then make time for your learners to pick their task. This way they can be engaged in a task that excites them, also it will make it much easier to excel in their academic goal.

Dissect Task Into Smaller Portion

It goes without saying, teachers whose main motive is to keep children engaged, simplifying classroom lessons into smaller portions can help students grasp lessons smoothly. Often time learners who have learning challenges get overwhelmed by the magnitude of a task and are unable to be in the flow with the lesson and thus it creates a lot of backlogs for them to finish the task in time. Breaking tasks into small portions can help them be in the flow and also keep themselves motivated with a sense of accomplishment.

Connect Schoolwork With Real Life

Making classwork relevant for students with learning disabilities is one of the great ways to keep them motivated in what they are learning. With so many academic goals to complete oftentimes, it is easy to lose track of where children are at and how they are relating to the subject matter. and when schoolwork becomes to believe it creates a meaningful connection to their lives. Whatever topic they learn, when feeling the interconnection and implication to their real life, it becomes a hook for them to be motivated.

Take Sensory Breaks

Sensory breaks are applied to make learners calm, focused and to check in with their emotions. it brings a lot of mindfulness to the school work. Students with learning disabilities can bring balance into their bodies and minds in order to be more effective and feel engaged with what the teaching is teaching them. One major challenge with students of learning difficulty is how they stay motivated throughout. Since prolonged attention is not a possible option giving them a sensory break can allow them to come back to their body and feel refreshed. Using music to soothe and relax their mind can be one way to do this.

Final Words

Bear in mind student with a learning difficulty is already doing their best. Celebrating where they are can help them achieve bigger goals, not just in academics but in other aspects of life. It is integral to recognize and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses – As this is the way to success. When your students feel that sense of appreciation from elders the feelings of motivation amplify. Special Education Courses is one way to know more about the strategies to deal with special needs children.

Written By : Samantha Kanth

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