Teachers Training Course

The Pre and Primary Teachers' Training or Young Learners' Program
    "Exceptional teachers are born but good teachers can be trained."

American TESOL Institute has contributed greatly in the field of education. The Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course with a specialization in English has been designed to cater to those teachers who wish to take up teaching as a profession. The salient feature of this course is that it qualifies trainee teachers to teach not only at the Montessori or the Primary level but also adults, as an important component of the course is teaching English. English language as we all are aware is in much demand not only in India but all over the world. Keeping the present scenario in mind the course has been specially designed to equip the teacher with the necessary skills and techniques.

There are various types of teachers' training programs each pertaining to the level at which the teachers wish to teach. Intensive teachers training is required for teachers who are interested in teaching at the pre-school or the kindergarten levels. There are various types of training for teachers who wants to teach students at the age group of 2 to 5 for the preschool stage and 6 to 12 or the primary level. The teachers apart from academic knowledge requires knowledge of child—psychology, behavior of children and various aids to help children learn fast.

The teacher training courses equips teachers with knowledge of various aids, gives them knowledge of classroom management and the teaching practice sessions during the course gives them practical exposure. The pre and primary course gives the teachers the skill to face the students confidently in the classroom.

The teacher training certificate enables teachers to get placed in schools all over the country. The internationally recognized teacher training certificate awarded by the American TESOL Institute is acclaimed not only in India but around the world.


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  • ATI's Blog Page for its Students

    We believe that it is necessary for our students to share their strategies, lessons and resources with one another and blogging is the most effective way of doing so. Start sharing your ideas through our Blog:

    American TESOL has been declared as top Education provider in India and received award of "Excellence in Education" in the 7th Achievers Summit for the "Global Achievers Award" held in Bangkok on 23rd August 2014.

    We are engaged in various activities in Face Book

    Candidates are requested to check our Face book page regularly in order to get acquainted with all the information. Please join us on Face Book www.facebook.com/pages/Pre-Primary-Teachers-Training/157272657630437

    A New Course on Special Education:

    With the advent of the New Year ATI Teacher Training Institute is going to launch a new course on Special Education which will enable the teachers to cater to those students who need additional assistance. The interested candidates are requested to send in their queries to amtesol@gmail.com or call at 9830010248

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Online Pre & Primary Teachers Training Certification Program

TTC - Taster - American TESOL Institute has come up with the Pre & Primary TTC Tester to help all those who are interested to become Montessori or pre / primary school teacher This Tester acts as an useful source of information before you enroll for the Teacher's Training course. You can get an idea about the teaching opportunities and the information on the modes of teaching will prove extremely beneficial before you start off a teaching career.


Student of the Month in January, 2015

Student of the Month

Saby John K
Kerala - Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course
I worked as assistant professor ( Life Sciences) at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani till June 2013 for 8 years. I was a researcher for 8 years before that. so teaching small children, especially at the pre and primary level was a big challenge for me. However, teaching at this level has been a long term dream for me. So this I did some research on distance courses and online courses that would help me to learn how to go about teaching very small children. I found that American TESOL was a well established and reputed institute. The course has helped me very much especially because (with continuous feedback from my tutor) I was able to scale down from the abstract language of symbols that we use at university level, to the language of substance and objects and linking these up to symbols which we need to do in order to teach young children. I'd like to stress that I consider this course as particularly good because it could help me make the transition from university prof to school teacher (my dream) at least mentally, without physical contact with my teacher, Jayatu, or with students since I stay in a village where there is no English medium school. I think that the materials were excellent. I would have like to have a hands-on component arranged by American TESOL in a close-by city. I found that most schools do not want inexperienced teachers in their classes and they also feel that the presence of a strange adult will distract the students. oordinator Mandovi were very helpful in providing me right guidance and support throughout the course. I would like to recommend my friends to pursue this course from ATI.

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