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Pre and Primary Teachers Training Program

Children love to play and it is their natural instinct. The play-way method was conceived by Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, who is also the father of the Kindergarten method. 'Play' according to Froebel is the work of the children. It is 'the purest, the most spiritual, and product of man at this stage.'

There is a theory, which states that a child understands his needs and goals while playing. So it is very important to teach children with the play way method. It has been proved that maximum amount of learning results while playing games. While playing games the environment is very relaxed, this makes learning interesting and fun. This is the most desirable method of learning for kids. The informal and free atmosphere gives the kids a chance to learn concepts, ideas, math and even language. Toys can sometimes be the root of mathematical concepts. Thus, in the play way methodology toys and apparatus like checkers, magic squares, Puzzles and building blocks are used to make teaching and learning a memorable experience for the learners.

ATI's Pre and Primary Course incorporate the principles and methodologies based on the Play Way Method. The Teachers training makes the trainee teachers aware of the salient features of this method linking play and literacy effectively.


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The trainers associated with American TESOL Institute are highly qualified with many years of invaluable experience in the field of teacher training. Apart from qualifications, they are extremely skilled in understanding the individual needs of the trainees and create a favorable learning experience as the courses are designed for online and distance modes. Our trainers are readily accessible to the trainees via email, chat or over telephone for any kind of query related to the course which needs to be addressed. Their valuable instructions are always supported by encouraging remarks in the feedback.


Student of the Month in September, 2014

Student of the Month

Valecia Austin
- Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course - This course has given me a wider view and knowledge about Resource management, Classroom management and various ways to nurture the skills of my students to bring out their best. The course material and Ad on materials were good.

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