Diploma in Pre & Primary Teaching

6 to 8 months Online / Distance / Correspondence

Diploma in Pre & Primary school teaching with internationally accredited certificate honored by all private schools in India and abroad.

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Advance Diploma in Pre & Primary Teaching

9 to 11 months Online / Distance / Correspondence

Advanced Diploma in Pre and Primary school teaching with Specializations in Language Awareness & Classroom Management confers a certificate with credentials which are recognized and accepted in India and abroad.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Pre & Primary Teaching

12 to 15 months Online / Distance / Correspondence

Earn a PG Diploma in Pre and Primary school teaching from world renowned institute with over 5000 alumni teaching in schools across 11 countries.

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American TESOL and Teachers Training

Teachers Training

ATI after its years of international exposure to English Language Teachers Training (TESOL/TEFL) since 2006 now brings a new form of teacher training in India. ATI launched the three different levels of pre and primary teachers training in 2009 and till today more than two thousand trainees have graduated from this course. ATI feels that it is important to constantly reorient teachers with new teaching techniques, regulations and developments in the international teacher's training arena.

Importance of Teachers Training

At the pre-school level, it is extremely necessary to teach kids behavioral habits along with academics. Teaching at this level without a professional teachers training is not desirable because you can either make or break lives. The PPTTC by ATI covers all aspects of teachers training and it also gives emphasis on 'Teaching English' as communication skill is of prime importance in today's world.

Teachers training in India

Teacher Training in India is being given a lot of importance in recent years. India is one of the highly populated countries in the world. Thus, the demand for teachers particularly at the pre- schools and the primary levels are pretty high. India has a large number of public and private schools. Moreover, there are private pre-schools mushrooming in this country at a rapid pace. Hence the demand for qualified Montessori or Kindergarten teachers is quite high.

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Preschool and Primary Teachers Training Courses with Specializations in Relevant Subjects

The Pre & Primary Teachers Training course with special emphasis on Teaching English is an effort on our part to give teachers an ultimate training program for teaching children between the age group of 2-12. For the very first time, various educational approaches and themes are brought together into one course to create a unique elementary teachers training course. American TESOL Institute is committed to provide professional development training for teachers, who we believe shape the future of a nation. It is of crucial importance that a teacher responsible for teaching very young learners should first go through a certified teacher training course for the education imparted to a child in his or her formative years forms the very foundation based on which a child later grows and develops. The intelligence and personality of a child is already formed by the time he/she reaches age 8. Thus, the teachers who aspire to teach children should be comprehensively trained in all aspects. Along with Montessori and Piaget, child psychology also features as a crucial part of this teacher training program. American TESOL Institute is offering aspirants a plethora of pre and primary teachers training courses like Diploma with specialization in Teaching English, Advanced Diploma with specializations in Language Awareness and Classroom Management and P G Diploma with specializations in Montessori and Education Management giving the candidates choices depending on their personal area of interest and expertise. ATI also offers other courses like the Nursery Teachers Training Course and the Primary Teachers Training Course. These courses are designed to cater to the divergent needs of these various levels of school education.


Recent News

  • ATI is now accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO)

    for achievement of highest standards in Organizational Management, Business Management and Business Performance through a commitment to quality and continuous improvement in Education. Read more

    Academic helpline available for students for longer hours

    We are always eager to provide support to our candidates. There are many candidates who are working and some of them are unable to call us up before 6 p.m. We would like to extend our academic support to them as well. So we are keeping our academic department´s phone lines open from 10 am to 8 pm (from Monday to Friday) and even on Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays between 10 am and 6 pm Indian Time.

    We are engaged in various activities in Face Book

    Candidates are requested to check our Face book page regularly in order to get acquainted with all the information. Please join us on Face Book www.facebook.com/pages/Pre-Primary-Teachers-Training/157272657630437

    SKYPE - Another way to get connected with academic coordinator

    We are glad to notify that, henceforth, all our candidates will be able to get in touch with their academic coordinator through Skype. Kindly feel free to access your coordinator at ati.academic.support

Other Information


The trainers associated with American TESOL Institute are highly qualified with many years of invaluable experience in the field of teacher training. Apart from qualifications, they are extremely skilled in understanding the individual needs of the trainees and create a favorable learning experience as the courses are designed for online and distance modes. Our trainers are readily accessible to the trainees via email, chat or over telephone for any kind of query related to the course which needs to be addressed. Their valuable instructions are always supported by encouraging remarks in the feedback.


Student of the Month in June, 2014

Student of the Month

Drishya K.M.
Karnataka - Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course (Distance)

All the course materials and the Ad-On materials (PPT/VIDEOS) provided by the ATI is very useful and resourceful for teaching profession. I feel everything provide in the course is perfect and clear to understand. I feel it's reachable to people has ATI is in facebook. I'll recommend this course to a friend because, It's one of the best teachers training distance course in India which we can pursue at our own pace.

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promotions Kindly be informed currently we are providing Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course (Dip in PPTTC) with specialization in teaching English + Certificate Course in Classroom Material Development at a Special Discounted Fee along with Free Teaching Resources.

Special Offer:

Combo Program :
Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training with Specialization in Teaching English + Certificate Course in Classroom Material Development

Training Mode:
The candidates can pursue our course either through Distance mode or Online/E- Learning Mode.

Total time limit of the Combo program is 11 months where one will get 8 months for the Diploma in Pre & Primary & 3 months for the Classroom Material Development Program.

Course Fee:

The course fee of our Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training in Distance mode is 14,000/- INR and Online Mode is 12,000/- INR .

The Classroom Material Development course comes at a handy course fee of 3,000/- INR.

The fee of these two courses together in Distance is 17,000/- INR and Online is 15,000/- INR.
The attraction lies in the fact that we are currently offering these two courses at an economical fee of 16,000/- INR for Distance and 14,000/- INR for Online Mode .
A flat discount of INR 1,000 will fetch these two valuable certificates at an affordable rate.


You will be eligible for two certificates at the end of the Combo Program.
1. Diploma In Pre & Primary Teachers Training with Specialization in Teaching English Program
2. Certificate in Classroom Material Development Program

Please note the Certificate of the Classroom Material Development Program will have the Logos of All India Council of Education ( AICE ) & International Accreditation Organization ( IAO ).

You will also be eligible for Free Additional Teaching Resources.

If you are interested in availing of the Special Offer, please call us back on + 91 9830010248 as per your convenient time.

You may also chat with us through Google Chat / Talk at amtesol@gmail.com or Skype at american.tesol.institute

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