Pre& Primary Teachers' Training

The 6-8 months program comes with an International certificate that opens opportunities worldwide as an early childhood educator from the ages 2-12 in the elementary as well as the primary schools.

  • Intensive, practical & scientific course content
  • teach from the age group of 2-12 years of children
  • teach in elementary & primary schools
  • Training to teach all subjects with Specialization in Teaching English
  • Flexible Online/E Learning /Distance learning
  • Video presentations with In class teaching inputs
  • Training on using different Aids to make learning Interesting
  • Teaching Practice Session in local school ( optional )
  • Internationally accredited certificate
  • Course Fee: Rs. 12,000
  • Ideal for aspiring & active teachers, career changers, entrepreneurs, homemakers & young mothers
  • 365 days academic support & guidance
  • Placement assistance

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Educational Administration & Management

The 6-8 months program is a must in the repertoire of an early year's facilitator who is looking for career enhancement as an administrator, academic coordinator or head of the institution. The International certificate that comes with course has worldwide validation.

  • Comprehensive training for academicians as well as entrepreneurs
  • Help enhancing administrative skills & operation abilities of running an institution successfully
  • Internationally accredited certificate
  • Online/E Learning Mode
  • Expert inputs through videos
  • Course Fee: Rs. 15,000
  • Ideal for heads of institutions, educationists, administrative heads, supervisors, entrepreneurs
  • Refresher in leadership and effective people management
  • Comprehensive training for academicians & entrepreneurs who are looking at a dual role of an administrator
  • 365 days of academic support & guidance
  • Placement assistance

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Special Education

The 5 months program comes with an International certificate that enables a teacher to handle the learners with learning disabilities in the classroom with an in-depth understanding of the psycho-social aspect.

  • Covers Learning Disabilities,ADHD& Autism
  • Insight on how to identify the special learners who need specific instructions and personality management in an inclusive classroom
  • Understanding the psyche of a hyperactive child
  • How to plan activities relevant for Special Children
  • Internationally accredited certificate
  • Online/E Learning Mode
  • Course fee Rs. 10,000
  • Ideal for an educator, facilitator & also mothers who need insight in these aspects
  • Academic support and guidance
  • Placement assistance

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Modular Courses

These short 3-4 months program comes with an International certification & are need specific & effective for enhancement in the professional areas like Teaching Grammar, Teaching Phonetics, Classroom Management, and Montessori Method

  • Must in an aspiring as well as an active teachers' repertoire
  • Helps in developing advanced skills in the professional areas
  • Specialized Courses are Teaching English Grammar, Teaching Phonetics, Classroom Management, Certificate in Classroom Material Development Program, Pre-school administration & Management, Montessori Teaching, Integrating Technology in the Classroom
  • In depth knowledge
  • Flexible timing
  • Online/ E Learning & Distance mode
  • Internationally Accredited certificates
  • Course Fee: 5,000
  • Academic support and guidance
  • Placement support

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American TESOL and Teachers Training

Teachers Training

ATI after its years of international exposure to English Language Teachers Training (TESOL/TEFL) since 2006 now brings a new form of teacher training in India. ATI launched the three different levels of pre and primary teachers training in 2009 and till today more than two thousand trainees have graduated from this course. ATI feels that it is important to constantly reorient teachers with new teaching techniques, regulations and developments in the international teacher's training arena.

Importance of Teachers Training

At the pre-school level, it is extremely necessary to teach kids behavioral habits along with academics. Teaching at this level without a professional teachers training is not desirable because you can either make or break lives. The PPTTC by ATI covers all aspects of teachers training and it also gives emphasis on 'Teaching English' as communication skill is of prime importance in today's world.

Teachers training in India

Teacher Training in India is being given a lot of importance in recent years. India is one of the highly populated countries in the world. Thus, the demand for teachers particularly at the pre- schools and the primary levels are pretty high. India has a large number of public and private schools. Moreover, there are private pre-schools mushrooming in this country at a rapid pace. Hence the demand for qualified Montessori or Kindergarten teachers is quite high.

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Special Package for Group Admission

Preschool and Primary Teachers Training Courses with Specializations in Relevant Subjects

The Pre & Primary Teachers Training course with special emphasis on Teaching English is an effort on our part to give teachers an ultimate training program for teaching children between the age group of 2-12. For the very first time, various educational approaches and themes are brought together into one course to create a unique elementary teachers training course. American TESOL Institute is committed to provide professional development training for teachers, who we believe shape the future of a nation. It is of crucial importance that a teacher responsible for teaching very young learners should first go through a certified teacher training course for the education imparted to a child in his or her formative years forms the very foundation based on which a child later grows and develops. The intelligence and personality of a child is already formed by the time he/she reaches age 8. Thus, the teachers who aspire to teach children should be comprehensively trained in all aspects. Along with Montessori and Piaget, child psychology also features as a crucial part of this teacher training program. American TESOL Institute is offering aspirants a plethora of pre and primary teachers training courses like Diploma with specialization in Teaching English, Advanced Diploma with specializations in Language Awareness and Classroom Management and P G Diploma with specializations in Montessori and Education Management giving the candidates choices depending on their personal area of interest and expertise. ATI also offers other courses like the Nursery Teachers Training Course and the Primary Teachers Training Course. These courses are designed to cater to the divergent needs of these various levels of school education.

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Recent News

    ATI is conducting Teacher Training Workshop in Jain Public School, Ratlam, MP and Mangal Newton School, Rajasthan, Ajmer for the primary teachers, principals & the operation managers. The program consists of an array of topics catering to diverse academic needs like Montessori method, child psychology, classroom management, use of technology, speaking and listening skills in pre-primary and primary section as well as education management needs. To conduct workshop at your school, please send e-mail to or call at - 9830010248. Click here

  • ATI is proud to announce that we have made a small contribution for Nepal Earthquake Victims. Our heart reaches out to those who have lost their nearest and dearest ones in this calamity. Hope Nepal find strength to recover from the rubble......

  • We happily announce the introduction of the new in class course for teachers who wants to teaching English to kids. The two weeks Certificate Course in Teaching Young Learners in Bangkok is an international course to train know more about the course please Click here

    The meeting of the ATI Training Company CEO, Mr. Sanjib Chakraborty and the CEO of the College of Birmingham, Dr. Dharmanand Mortha has successfully led to the establishment of a long-lasting corporate partnership. As a result, all ATI programs are being validated by the College of Birmingham and accredited internationally. The agreement between the two dynamic young executives heading the institutions will pave the path for the development of diversified assortment of international courses that will help candidates prepare and enhance their skills in the field of professional and teaching and training.Click here

    American TESOL has been declared as top Education provider in India and received award of "Excellence in Education" in the 7th Achievers Summit for the "Global Achievers Award" held in Bangkok on 23rd August 2014.

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Other Information


ATI's Customer Relationship Management Activity

ATI Teacher Training Institute's CRM desk welcomes you cordially to the ATI Family.We are here to provide you support in order to make your journey hassle free and memorable throughout the course and even after completion of the course. At ATI we care about our candidates and want to give you the best possible services and will go the extra mile to ensure you are 100% happy with us. As an Educational Institution we believe that our success is firmly tied to the success of our candidates. We strive to make our offered courses best in the educational world to offer you the opportunities you are looking for. Your valuable feedback is the greatest asset for us because that will guide us to venture into new arena, upgrade our existing courses as per the demand of the current scenario. Read more

Student of the Month in July, 2015

Student of the Month

Subhalakshmi Dasgupta
Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training with Specialization in Teaching English (Distance Mode) : This course will definitely be beneficial as I harbor the dream of becoming a teacher. The various teaching methods that have evolved and the modern methods followed now are of great relevance in the course. Students' attitude and their behavioral patterns etc are interesting and important areas which will definitely help me in dealing with students. The Diploma course provides a comprehensive study in this field. The course provides an overall knowledge on the basic concepts of teaching and the necessary qualification and knowledge to face the classroom. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends.

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Special Offer:

Dual Certification Program:

The Diploma in Pre & Primary & Classroom Management is a unique combination that awards the Dual Certification at the end of the program.
i) Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training with Specialization in Teaching English
ii) Certificate in Classroom Management

The Benefits:

  • Two separate Internationally Accredited Certificates
  • Internationally Recognized Course Curriculum
  • Practical Teaching Inputs
  • Flexible study options
  • Expert academic support
  • Latest Teaching Techniques to teach kids in the age group of 2-12 years
  • Montessori Method & philosophy & relevance & application in today's cyber age
  • Dual Certificates at an affordable course fee


  • Two separate Internationally Recognized Certificates
  • Contemporary Course Curriculum
  • Practical Teaching Inputs
  • Flexible study options
  • Expert academic support
  • Latest Teaching Techniques to teach kids in the age group of 2-12 years
  • Integrate Excellent Skills of Classroom Management
  • Dual Certificates at an affordable course fee

Get the above mentioned benefits at an attractive and affordable Fee of Only Rs. 15,000

Hurry Up !!!

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