Certificate Course in Teaching English Phonology

Certificate Course in Teaching English Phonology

Phonetics is a very important part of preschool and early primary language teaching. Teachers need skills to teach their students proper pronunciation of words at this stage, for which knowledge of phonics is important along with the expertise of teaching phonetics.

With Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course, the teachers can get an additional certification on 'Teaching Phonetics', which will increase their value significantly as a teacher. Not just for career growth, responsible teachers should develop their skills to teach pronunciation effectively. The candidates will learn the techniques of developing the accurate articulation of a foreign language after overcoming the mother tongue influence. The 40 hours Teaching Phonetics course will help the teacher to understand the root cause of mispronunciation.

Course duration: The maximum duration of the course is 3 months.

Course fee: The course is available at an affordable fee of 9440 INR.

Mode of Learning: Online/E-Learning and Distance Learning

  • Aspiring teachers who want to shape their career as nursery teachers
  • Working teachers who want to upgrade their teaching skills and move forward in career
  • Homemakers who might enjoy a teaching job to utilize their leisure and earn some money
  • Young mothers who want to teach their children at home
  • Those who are planning to change his or her career in near future
  • Entrepreneurs who want to open a nursery school
  • Retired persons willing to teach young learners

  • Welcome letter
  • Phase-wise course material
  • MCQ questionnaire and the assignments
  • Support from on-line tutor via e-mail , online chat and phone
  • Globally recognized certificate

  • The courses pertain to the specified curriculum of the chosen content.
  • These modular courses are short and can be completed quickly.
  • These courses can be pursued along with the Diploma course.
  • These modular courses offer extra edge to the candidates in terms of content knowledge.
  • The candidates can pursue these courses at their own pace and complete within the chosen time.

  • The certificate is worldwide recognized.
  • The international certificate will allow the candidates to teach anywhere in the world.

  • The modular courses add the enhancement perspective for a teacher
  • These courses are an added qualification to an active teacher as well as an aspiring teacher
  • The candidates who are interested in teaching and planning to join school will definitely find these courses beneficial for them.
  • The application based programs add value to a teachers' repertoire of resources.
  • If anyone has specific requirement for any particular field can enroll for that particular course to fulfill their requirement.

Phase 1
  • What is Phonology and Phonetics?
  • Segmental and Supra segmental Phonology

Phase 2
  • Organs of Speech
  • Consonants
  • Vowels

Phase 3
  • Phonetic Transcription
  • Stress and intonation

Phase 4
  • Weak and strong forms
  • Why teach pronunciation?