Certificate in Pre-School Administration & Management

Certificate in Pre-School Administration & Management - Asian College of Teachers

Asian College of Teachers’ specialised course in Pre-School Administration & Management has beendesignedto instil administrative skills among the aspiring and working teaching professionals willing to start a preschool or are alreadyrunning a preschool. The programhighlights on the ways to plan budgetor the properequipment necessary for pre-school children. You can pursue this course in anonline mode from any part of the world. Intense attention has been given on marketing, counselling, promotion, admission process, signboard etc., so that you are up-to-date with the ground rules of pre-school administration and management. The course guides the start-ups and administrative heads on how to operate and manage a pre-school.

Course duration: 3 months (Maximum time limit)

Eligibility criteria: Minimum qualification 10+2 or Higher Secondary passed

Course fee: 10030 INR (inclusive of taxes)

  • Equips start-ups and potential administrators about the functioning of pre-schools
  • Emphasison how to plan budget, buy the equipment, manage resources etc.
  • It gives special attention tomarketing and promotional activities
  • Itequips the candidates with the various strategies to run a pre-school

Phase 1: Infrastructure

  • Making a choice - Your own school or a franchisee
  • Location, Layout and design (outdoor areas like playground /swimming pool and materials like the school logo / admission form/signboards /receipt books/pamphlets etc.)
  • Furniture, equipments and toys
  • Recruitment of staff – teaching and non -teaching
  • Marketing your school- advertisement and other sales strategy
  • Parent counselling

Phase 2: Finances and Budgeting

  • How to start up – Loans / Initial investment planning Budgeting the different areas like infrastructure and layouts / Furniture and equipments /marketing costs/overheads related to salary disbursal ( A tabular break up is recommended)
  • Fees structure and break up ( ideally in a tabular form)
  • Resource allocation – Budget and finances

Phase 3: Curriculum

  • Child-centric curriculum focusing on the Montessori Method and Kindergarten
  • The new age methods- Blossom, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia
  • Material in classroom to aid learning
  • Art and craft
  • Music and Role play
  • Games
  • Making Timetables

Phase 4: The Educator

  • The headmistress- the dynamic leader
  • Educators- teachers who shape the learners
  • Importance of teacher training in early childhood education

Phase 5: Assessment and Evaluation

  • Why is assessment important?
  • What kind of assessment is recommended?
  • Parent –teacher interaction: importance of constructive feedback

Phase 6: Safety measures

  • Importance of infrastructural safety including school -transport safety measures
  • Training on disaster management and first aid for teachers and staff
  • What to do in case of Earthquake, Tsunami, Floods, Bomb threats and Fire.
  • Insurance cover

  • Entrepreneurs willing to start their own pre-school
  • Aspiring administrators eyeing the administrative position in a pre-school
  • Those looking for a mid-career shift and willing to try the field of administration
  • Anyone looking at leadership options as school heads

The minimum eligibility criterion is a 10+2 in any discipline.

The course is offered in an online mode of learning.

  • After the course completion, you become eligible to apply for administrative posts in the pre-primary schools/sections globally
  • The certification helps to land an opportunity as a preschool manager and coordinator
  • It trains participants to be a supervisor or teacher-in-charge of any pre-school
  • It equips entrepreneurs with the essential and requisite skills to start your new pre-school
  • After the successful completion of the course, trainees will be awarded a globally recognised certificate
  • The awarded certificate is at par with any in-class training program and alumni record reflects that our trainees have found positions across the globe on completion of the course