The Smart Path Of Better Leadership For Novice Administrators

26th August 2021

As schools across the world are experiencing drastic changes rapidly, educational leaders are in dire need to put their best foot forward. And for those who are trying to embrace the new transition of being in a leading position at a school, apart from meeting the daily needs, you may be experiencing unexpected road blocks. The initial year for new school leaders is all about patience and persistence.

The administrative and management skills within a new school administrator need to translate as a leader. Becoming the chief of an educational organization may come with many challenges, but to lead it efficiently one must intend to act with self-motivation. You cannot grow as a leader unless your heart is in the right place. It is the job of a leader to inspire the rest of the team members in order to meet excellence every step of the way.

Here are some prime pointers for you to transform yourself from being a novice administrator to an exemplary leader –

Build a Support System

Growing your mind to become a leader does not happen overnight. Whether you were a teacher or have been a part of the educational administrative field all along the role of being at a leading position such as principal or vice principal goes beyond applying administrative and management skills. there is always so much to learn and growth seems to be a consistent part of the journey.

We often hear so much about how a leader's path is lonely. Well, it does not have to be that way for all! The truth to prevail in today’s world, having strong support like friends and allies who can support you through thick and thin –it’s going to be an absolute blessing in the long run. It is not just about listening to the experienced ones, taking guidance, this can fructify so much more to contemplate your scenarios better and act confidently. A confident leader is a better administrator.

Work on your flaws

A novice administrator can harness his/her full potential by being a reflective practitioner. You need to understand where you are at, to ensure how you can get there where your aim is! Learning is not linear, so does success. Mistakes may happen at a certain point – flaws are meant to be accepted and not rejected.

When you learn to work on your weakness, you learn to navigate your inner limitations in improved ways. Growing as a leader means harnessing your abilities and willingness to adapt to changes if when they feel uncomfortable. Hence, continuous reflection in your journey will certainly safeguard your motive to become a pro-leader.

Invest in your growth

This cannot be further emphasized, that learning is a life-long process. In a world that is forever changing, educational leaders, being the commanding head of a school are always in need of investing in their professional growth. Starting from joining the community to participate in workshops or pursuing Educational Administration & Management course, adapting to changes and creating a modernized learning environment cannot be manifested from the old approach.

Leading an education institution is about utilizing administrative and management skills that fit well with 21st century teaching.  the responsibilities of a leader can only be managed well, when you are familiar and equipped to handle challenges with the newer perspective you demonstrate confidence and that leads to build faith in other team members.

Among all the essential tasks that an educational leader needs to play, meeting uncertainty and putting best effort to ensure students' achievement are the two most critical ones. In many ways, this particular job role demands one's to be super heroes which seems an abstract theory most of the time.

In the line of bringing a fresh approach with the combination of previous experience alongside administrative and management skills, you can do justice to the leadership role. The novice administrator also needs to be adaptive to changes, befriend and listen to instinct and must learn from each failure – while this is may not be as empowering as motivation from success would bring, nonetheless, failure provides us an opportunity to manifest a better version of our own self.

Written By : Samantha Kanth

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